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The Single Girls Guide + The Olde English Pub


Mar 19, 2013 , , 43 Comments

Last week I did something I almost never do.

Actually, let me start again.

Last week I did something I have never done before.

I went to see a musical at Capital Rep in Albany, NY.

You know, Capital Rep?  The theatre in that weird parking garage on Pearl Street near The Bayou Cafe?

The one without the huge marquis sign?

Capital Rep!?? C’mon.  You know it.  It’s the theater where they had that show…. um……. uhhh.  Oh God, I can’t think of one right now.


I don’t know what it is about Capital Rep, but I just hadn’t thought of going there before for some reason.  It just hadn’t been on my gaydar radar.

But last week, I saw an ad for a musical called The Single Girls Guide.  It looked fun, and I was in town that night, and I had some friends visiting from NYC so I thought, “I’m gonna take these guys to see that new musical at Capital Rep.”

I swear, I have zero reason to blow so much smoke up Capital Rep’s ass, but I fucking loved that musical.

We all did.

Normally I feel that musicals are about 7 songs too long, but this one felt quick paced.  The music was amazing.   The story was clever.  The actors were perfectly cast.  Especially Robb Sapp and Farah Alvin. They were really great.

My only complaint was that I wish they didn’t kill off the main character in the end.

(just kidding).

Anyway, after seeing the show, I called Capital Rep to see if they would let me give away a couple tickets to the show… which they were nice enough to do.

So, I have two tickets to go see The Single Girls Guide at Capital Rep for you and a date.

I will also throw in 2 dinners at The Olde English Pub for you to enjoy before the show.

Even if you don’t win this prize, you should 100% buy tickets to go see this show.  IT’S ONLY PLAYING UNTIL THE END OF MARCH, and then it’s over.  :(

It was written and performed for Albany only at this point, so I highly recommend you go see it while it lasts.

If you’d like to win this prize, tell me why you should win it and we’ll give the two tickets away to the best winner.

Rest in peace, Nicole.


Jul 30, 2012 , , , 1 Comment

Nicole Plisson, former owner of Nicole’s Bistro in Quackenbush Square, passed away from her battle with cancer.

It is a sad loss for all of us.  As the current tenant (The Olde English Pub) in the former Nicole’s Bistro house, we regularly have former customers of Nicole’s stopping down to see the old location, and see if they can catch a few photos of Nicole up on the wall.

I think all the photos of Nicole with her friends and customers on the wall will be the thing I remember most about Nicole and her bistro.  I always enjoyed a delicious meal at Nicole’s, and loved my conversations with her.

We hope you are in a better place, Nicole, with an amazing bottle of wine.