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Let’s help Jumpin Jacks.


Aug 29, 2011 10 Comments

Jumpin Jacks in Scotia, NY


One of my absolute favorite places on earth is Jumpin Jacks in Scotia, NY.

When I was a student at Union College, and then an employee at GE in Schenectady, I would frequent Jumpin Jacks every spring for their delicious food and super cool old school drive-in atmosphere.

Sadly, Jumpin Jacks has been hit hard by the recent flooding, as you can see in the above photo.

In the past, Friday Puppy readers have been very generous in helping other local businesses when something unfortunate happens, and I’m hoping we might be able to spare a few dollars to help out our friends at Jumpin Jacks.

All I know is that insurance rarely covers everything, and some extra money from the community can always help out in ways we may not even realize.

As in the past, I have no idea what they will do with this money, and it is no concern of mine.  After a month or so, we will cut them a check with 100 % of the donations, no questions asked. And by giving money to this fundraiser, it is in no way requiring them to do anything specific with the money. (I hate that I have to get so “fine print-y” with all of this, but you know how some people get.)

Hang in there, Jumpin Jacks.

p.s. I do realize other businesses have been affected by the flood.  And it’s hard to help everyone :(  I’m not even sure what other organizations are offering donations to help with the flooding.  Any ideas and I’d be happy to post on here.

However, to help Jumpin Jacks, please click below…


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